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 Ovarian Club XII 15th December 2018
Session 1: Present and Future
Pasquale Patrizio: Have We Reached the Limit in Human IVF? 
Dongzi Yang: The Autoimmune Bases of Infertility and Repeated Implantation Failure After IVF/ICSI-ET
Session 2: IVG
Monica Laronda : 3D Ovary
Lunch Symposium
Sherman Silber: The Aged Ovary
Session 3: New Insights in Reproductive Sciences 
Nova Dekel: Vasorin: A Newly Identified Regulator of Ovarian Follicogenesis and Ovulation
Gerald Schatten: The Role of Sperm in Facilitation of Fertilisation 
Session 4: Have We Reached the End
Simon Fishel: How Can We Improve Outcome (Embryology)
Norbet Gleicher: The Future of IVF-Can We be Better
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