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存著・希望   乳癌患者冷凍卵子計劃






Hope・Lives On: Egg Freezing Campaign for Breast Cancer Patients

Every woman may have a reproductive plan of her own, but when someone suffers from a disease like breast cancer, these plans may grind to a halt because the medication, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy used during the treatment may affect the functions of the reproductive organs. By preserving the reproductive ability prior to treatment, hopes of family and future fertility are kept alive as well.

The Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine launched this campaign to help breast cancer patients keep their reproductive hopes alive, so that they can carry out their reproductive plans after recovery and let life blossom in their futures!

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【生育種子】杜堅能醫生: 癌症療程前的考慮—冷凍卵子


【生育種子】鍾佩樺醫生: 乳癌患者冷凍卵子個案分享

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