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There are 3 types of membership.


Active Members

Active members should be either a hold of a degree in biological or relevant clinical sciences, with at least 3 years' working experience in reproductive medicine; or be qualified individuals who evidence an active interest in reproductive medicine and who has at least 3 years‘ working experience in reproductive medicine.


Associate members

Associate members are:

  • Clinicians or researchers who are not actually working specifically in reproductive medicine but would like to join because they are interested or share our goals, or

  • Clinicians or biological science students and workers who are in training, or have less than 3 years of interests or working experience in the field, their names will be submitted to be voted on for active membership upon completion of their educational program.


Honorary members

Honorary memberships are bestowed by recommendation of the council to exceptional persons who will contribute to the Society.

Active members will have the right to vote and to stand for election to the council of the society. Associate and Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of the society save and except that they have no vote and cannot vote for election.

Application to be active or associate members is made in writing in prescribed forms to be supplied by the Honorary Secretary. All applications will be considered by the Council of the Society and admissions will be granted if satisfied the above requirements.

We welcome new members to join our Society.

The membership fee is $200/year with an additional $100 for registration for new members. For existing member, the membership renewal fee is $400 per 2 years. 

To ease the membership payment, a new option of “Life Member” will be launched this year with a one-off subscription fee of $2,000 (plus an administration fee of $100 for new members). Since members usually pay their membership fees during AGM in September of each year, it has been agreed that the membership fee will be counted towards the next year.

Please note that the start date of membership is set on 1st of January and end date is 31st December of that year. Moreover, a “half-year” rule will be adopted, i.e. subscription fees paid on or before 30th June of the year will only cover up to the end of the same year, whereas those paid on 1st July or after will cover the remainder of the same year plus the whole following calendar year.

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to “The Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine Limited". Please write your name and contact number at the back of the cheque for easy reference.  

Application form can be downloaded here.  

Please send both the completed application form and cheque  to:

Attention: Dr. Carina Chan (c/o Karen Siu)

12/F Central Tower, 28 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


Thank you very much for your support to our Society.

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