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Hong Kong Association of Clinical Embryologists (HKACE) 

The Hong Kong Association of Clinical Embryologists (HKACE) was founded on 20th September 2012 by Hong Kong Chief Embryologists and IVF Laboratory Directors under the auspices of the Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine (HKSRM).

Its formal establishment was announced on 19th Feb 2014 at the HKSRM Annual General Meeting.


HKACE Committee:


Dr. Estella Lau


Ms Anita Kuo

Committee members:

Ms. Jessica Chan

Ms. Grace Chuang

Dr. Feebee Ong

Ms. Karen Rocha

Ms. Freda Tang

Ms. Lily Tsang

Ms. Jacki Wong

Ms. Queenie Yeung

Dr. Jia Zhou

HKACE has two missions:

1.    To establish a certification system that evaluates and accredits embryologists working in Hong Kong based on cumulative working experience and continuous professional education;

2.  To provide a learning platform for new embryologists and set a standard level of proficiency for working independently in ART laboratories.

Embryologist certification:

There will be two levels of certification: Level I for new embryologists and Level II for experienced embryologists. Accreditedembryologists will receive a formal letter from HKSRM and a certification.  Only Level II Embryologists can supervise new embryologists. New embryologists are required to maintain and submit a detailed case log, undergo competency tests and acquire 15 CPE points biennially for level I certification. Application for certification will be opened once a year.


An accreditation and continuing professional education (CPE) committee consisting of senior embryologists and IVF laboratory directors in public and private sectors is responsible to evaluate the individual application. By defining standards in clinical embryology, we wouldascertain that laboratory personnel working in ART laboratories possess the knowledge and expertise for good clinical practice.


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