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On this very day in 1978, the world's first IVF baby Louis Brown was born.  To commemorate Sir Robert Edwards as well as his contribution to our field with Dr. Patrick Steptoe, July 25th was set in 2013 to be World Embryologists (WE) Day.


Our embryologists in Hong Kong also celebrated this very special day in their own special ways!  HKSRM decided to hold a special photo contest during each year's AGM to make this day extra-fun! Participated ART Lab were asked to submit one creative photo that shows their team spirit and every HKSRM member who attends the AGM will vote for the best photo. The winning laboratory will receive $4,000 from the society. 


AGM was held virtually again this year due to the COVID19 pandemic.  See below for all the interesting and fun photos! IVFHK (CUHK-PWH) has received the most votes and has won $4,000 from the Society this year.

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